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Streamline Your Business Operations With Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Services redefine technology management, fostering streamlined operations and providing personalized support aligned with your business objectives. Going beyond traditional support, we serve as an extension of your team, offering strategic insights and hands-on assistance for optimal performance, security, and lifecycle management of your IT assets. From efficient network solutions to strategic IT support, Intelos is dedicated to strengthening and nurturing your business technology landscape.

Managed IT Services

Server and Network Management

We ensure optimal health of your servers and networks by regulating physical conditions and deploying monitoring, antivirus, and security measures to prevent downtime and interruptions. Our proactive approach extends to securing servers against unauthorized access and external threats, including water and heat damage. Additionally, we ensure network connectivity, apply updates, monitor hardware, and conduct maintenance, reinforcing a resilient and reliable server and network infrastructure.

Lifecycle Management

Our lifecycle management services blend operational insights and industry expertise to set expectations for your equipment's lifespan, preventing unwanted surprises and downtime. We continuously monitor hardware and software performance, ensuring timely upgrades when your technology no longer meets business needs. By striking a balance between budget and performance requirements, we guide you through the selection, configuration, deployment, and management of new equipment. This proactive approach maximizes technology efficiency and minimizes disruptions, allowing your team to work more productively.

IT Helpdesk Support

We provide hassle-free IT helpdesk support, offering multiple channels for simplified assistance, including phone, email, chat, and a user-friendly customer portal. With extended staff availability and emergency protocols in place, we ensure prompt support. Leveraging proactive remote monitoring, we detect potential issues in servers, networks, and devices, enabling us to resolve problems prior to workflow disruptions. Our dedication to delivering exceptional IT helpdesk support is reflected in our 95% customer satisfaction rate.

Network Design and Installation

Intelos brings over 20 years of network support experience, ensuring your business has a well-designed and meticulously maintained network for optimal performance and uptime. We deploy commercial-grade network equipment, expertly sized to meet your specific requirements, providing stability and security for essential IT systems. Our expertise extends to both wired and wireless networks, with a focus on uniform coverage and protection from unauthorized access. Whether you're a legal practice relying on laptops or a manufacturing facility requiring extensive coverage, our network design and installation services are tailored to keep your operations running smoothly.

Software and Hardware Procurement

Elevate your business technology with our Managed IT Services, where we redefine the hardware and software procurement process. From acquisition to implementation, our end-to-end support ensures a seamless experience, instilling confidence in operating top-tier equipment. Teaming up with specialized vendors, we secure commercial-grade hardware built for robust performance. Our solutions are customizable, catering to unique business needs like specialized processors and high-speed storage. Experience a seamless integration of cutting-edge technology, ensuring optimal performance and quality throughout your operations.

Office Relocation Services

Executing a seamless office relocation requires meticulous planning. Our comprehensive relocation services ensure the safe transport of existing equipment or the installation of upgraded hardware in the new location. We strategically plan connectivity for servers, printers, workstations, and VoIP phones, dispatching technicians to handle computer movements, office rearrangements, and upgrades to devices. Our IT experts connect and verify all equipment in the new space, guaranteeing a smooth transition. From initial floor plan design to the final computer setup, our office relocation services prioritize a hassle-free move for your business.

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