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Take your organization to new heights with Managed Cloud Services, the new business standard for dynamic and future-proof infrastructure. Cloud fosters collaboration, enabling efficient remote work and promoting innovation. Its robust security and streamlined management redefine operational excellence. From Microsoft Azure to custom private cloud environments, our team of experts is here to help you get started.

Cloud Services

Azure Cloud Solutions

We provide secure cloud solutions through Microsoft Azure, offering access to industry leading infrastructure for use globally with the highest available levels of uptime. Our Managed Azure Services feature adaptable pay-as-you-go models for scalability and efficiency. Compliant with CMMC, HIPAA, NIST SOC 2, and more, our services ensure a secure digital environment and meet industry regulations. With advanced cybersecurity controls, zero-trust environments, and robust options for backup, recovery, and identity management, Azure support from Intelos prioritizes core business operations. Seamless Azure migration, integrated with on-premise systems, ensures constant data accessibility, making Azure a reliable choice for businesses today.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Enable global remote work with Intelos' Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) support, a safe solution for accessing applications from any location. AVD ensures a zero-trust connection, separating resources to create a secure desktop environment. Our managed AVD services prioritize advanced security features, permitting only authorized access. Azure consulting services from Intelos simplify AVD deployment, offering flexibility for organizational changes. Leveraging industry-leading infrastructure, AVD guarantees uptime, redundancy, and scalability. Our AVD services cater to businesses of all sizes, allowing secure access without additional hardware investments.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365, a cloud-based subscription service, provides secure access to a comprehensive suite of applications. Our Microsoft 365 business support services enhance communication and collaboration, enabling remote file access and seamless document collaboration. We go beyond standard security with multi-factor authentication, advanced spam filtering, and 24/7 surveillance through our Security Operations Center. This extra protection is crucial for shaping a robust cybersecurity stance, particularly for safeguarding email accounts. Our uncomplicated licensing model, based on monthly subscriptions, allows flexibility and scalability, ensuring every member has access to standard mailbox and configurable storage space tailored to organizational needs.

SharePoint and OneDrive

Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive offer robust cloud-based file storage, surpassing traditional server-based systems in flexibility and reliability. 
Our services eliminate the need for on-site servers, providing secure, backed-up, and easily accessible files within the OneDrive environment. Real-time collaboration is a key feature, allowing simultaneous access and editing, enhancing teamwork and visibility into live changes.

The security measures and redundancy of these platforms surpass other infrastructures, making them superior for safeguarding data. Our comprehensive SharePoint and OneDrive solutions include third-party backup for added security, ensuring efficient restoration in cases of intentional or accidental data deletion.​

Private Cloud Solutions

Private cloud solutions offer a secure virtualized computing environment tailored for organizations seeking more customization than what is offered by public cloud platforms. Hosted by a cloud service provider or via on-premise infrastructure, our private cloud solutions provide flexibility and scalability, adapting to specific business needs for major projects, software migrations, and seasonal changes.

Our commercial cloud solutions ensure data confidentiality, availability, and integrity through a layered cybersecurity approach, meeting compliance requirements like CMMC, HIPAA, NIST, and SOC 2. This highly customizable and secure environment guarantees reliable data protection, making it ideal for medium to large-sized businesses demanding control and customization in their cloud infrastructure​.

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