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Hi, We're Intelos!

Intelos was established under the name of Need Computer Help in 1999, beginning as an IT firm specializing in software implementation. Over the span of 20 years, we’ve expanded into Cloud, Cybersecurity, Compliance, and Managed IT. In 2024, Need Computer Help underwent a rebrand, evolving into Intelos. The goal was to build a brand identity that better aligned with our core services offerings, while maintaining the quality of service that our clients know and love. With vast industry experience, we offer unique and efficient technology solutions, and are dedicated to delivering exceptional IT services that empower organizations to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate technology into our clients' workflows, fostering growth and enhancing productivity. Our commitment as a trusted technology partner remains steadfast, and we strive for success and efficiency in every service we provide.

Meet Our Team

We are a dedicated team of IT professionals with a diverse talent base. Together, we provide a depth of IT support enabling your business to operate efficiently. We have fun together and we enjoy working with our customers and building strong long-term relationships.


President & CEO

James Wroten, our founder and leader, began in 1999 as a one-person operation, providing software services for energy marketing and scheduling companies. His guidance has transformed Intelos into a comprehensive cybersecurity, cloud, compliance, and managed IT solutions provider. James fosters a culture of diverse technical expertise, ensuring unparalleled IT support and innovative solutions. Outside of work, he enjoys family time, sailboat racing on Galveston Bay, and pursuing his passion for classic cars and hot rods.

Harold Weiss

Director of Technical Operations

Harold has been providing technical services for over 30 years.  He leads our technical teams and professional services. He has experience growing teams of engineers and has a sharp focus on creating value for his employees and our clients. Harold volunteers as Vice-President for a community feral cat support group called Tomball Save Our Strays (https://TomballSOS.org).  He's a hobbyist handyman and usually has several projects around the house or work scheduled on a project car.  He's also a believer in Hawaiian shirt Fridays! 

Melisa Limerick

Technical Operations Manager

Melisa joined our team in 2017 and oversees service delivery, projects, and partner implementations. With a foundation in Information Technology from eight years in the United States Air Force and a degree in Information Technology Management, Melisa is a valuable team member, and is known for her attention to detail, work ethic, and enthusiasm. Outside of work, she is a dedicated mother of two teenagers, and is passionate about woodworking, metalworking, and duck hunting.


Lead Engineer

Jarred joined our team in 2016 and plays a key role in in growing our local and state government business, as well as directing our cybersecurity practice and cloud infrastructure sector. He values the collaborative problem-solving approach at Intelos, highlighting the teamwork and camaraderie that extends beyond work hours. Outside of work, Jarred is a dedicated husband and father and enjoys outdoor activities, particularly fishing with his children, which he finds reminiscent of cherished moments spent with his dad.


Marketing Manager

Jini joined our team in 2022 and has been instrumental in leading our marketing and branding initiatives. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a Minor in Graphic Design from UHCL, her expertise in the marketing field, innovative thinking and attention to detail are valuable additions to our team. In her free time, Jini enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and dogs. She likes music, art, hiking, exploring new places, and cozying up with a good book.

Stephanie Morgan

Business Operations Manager

Stephanie joined our team as a triage specialist in 2024 and she brings a unique blend of customer service and coordination expertise to our services. She diagnoses technical issues, directs inquiries to the appropriate teams, and maintains clear and proactive communication with our clients. Outside of work, Stephanie is a devoted wife and mother of two children. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, creating aquascapes, and playing video games.



Nick joined our team as an engineer in 2022 and specializes in software, hardware, and operating system challenges. His friendly voice is the one most recognized when calling into our helpdesk. Nick finds joy in working with the Intelos team and is dedicated to helping our clients navigate their business technology. Outside of work, Nick enjoys exploring Houston, trying new restaurants for culinary inspiration, spending time in the pool, hanging out with his siblings, and embracing exciting adventures.

trae Creed


Trae joined our team in 2023 and finds joy in unraveling the puzzles of technology and resolving people's problems. With a knack for troubleshooting and a passion for IT, Trae brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our company. Outside of the office, he can often be found casting a line into his favorite fishing spot or getting his hands dirty under the hood of a car. He values spending quality time with friends, fostering relationships, and making every moment count.

core values

At Intelos, we have drive.


We understand that success is not just about talent or intelligence; it’s about perseverance and grit in the face of adversity. We embrace challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth, knowing that each obstacle we overcome makes us stronger and more resilient.


We prioritize honesty and integrity in everything we do, knowing that it is the foundation for trust-based partnerships. We believe that with veracity, we can build strong relationships, make better decisions, and create a culture of authenticity.


We believe that insightful thinking is not just a skill; it is a mindset. We approach challenges with curiosity and open-mindedness, knowing that the most innovative solutions come from thinking outside of the box.


We believe in being proactive and anticipating challenges before they arise. We understand that being ready requires continuous learning, improvement, and adaptation, and we make it our mission to always stat ahead of the curve with our engaging approach.


We are committed to creating opportunities for continuous growth and progress. We embrace a “can do” attitude for breaking down barriers and overcoming obstacles. We believe true inclusivity requires a supportive and collaborative approach.


Headquarters and Service Locations

Our core business operations take place in Texas and Louisiana. While our roots are deeply planted in these regions, we welcome clients from across the globe to connect with us. Our commitment to delivering exceptional IT services knows no geographical bounds, and we're ready to empower businesses worldwide on their technology journey. Whether you're in our local communities or beyond, Intelos is here to elevate your IT experience.


Join Our Vibrant IT Team

We pride ourselves on our team atmosphere and our internal culture. We work hard and have fun every day. If you’re interested in joining a solid team of experienced IT professionals in an environment that enables you to grow your skill set and work with top industry talent, we’d love to talk to you. Our rapid growth as a company translates into continuous career growth and advancement for our staff. Whether you're an entry-level professional or a manager who wants to work with a diverse, passionate team, we look forward to hearing from you.

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