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Staying Competitive with Industry-Specific IT Support

At Intelos, we recognize the diverse IT landscapes of various industries and understand that unique challenges demand tailored solutions. Our approach is flexible and adaptive, ensuring that our IT services are customized to meet the specific needs of each industry we serve. We bring a nuanced understanding of industry-specific requirements, providing comprehensive and effective solutions that empower businesses to thrive in their respective domains.

Industries we Serve


We focus on financial services' core needs: performance and security. Our systems optimize speed, staying ahead of competitors. With robust security measures, we safeguard sensitive data, protecting your reputation and ensuring compliance, preventing costly downtime.


We support public servants by securing their devices and networks, boosting productivity with Microsoft Office 365, and ensuring data safety with backup solutions. Our subscription-based services offer top-tier solutions at competitive prices.

Legal Services

Few industries are more demanding than the legal industry – your 24/7 schedule requires flexible solutions that are available anytime, anywhere. With options like desktop as a service (DaaS), VoIP and Office 365 support, we make it easy to access the applications and files you need on all your devices, around the clock. Plus, comprehensive network and cybersecurity solutions keep your confidential client information locked down.


Manufacturing environments face unique IT challenges – especially those with multiple facilities or extreme atmospheric conditions. We connect clusters of buildings with large-scale wireless networks that ensure consistent and even coverage for desktops, laptops and shop equipment. Plus, we only use commercial-grade hardware that stands up to the heat, grime and other conditions that wear out traditional consumer-grade equipment.


Intelos, your dedicated healthcare IT partner, provides tailored support meeting regulatory demands. Our specialized team prioritizes seamless technology integration and stringent security measures, ensuring HIPAA compliance. We offer customized solutions to optimize efficiency, security, and overall system performance in healthcare.

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