Staying Updated With Technology – 7 Benefits

Is Your Organization Staying Updated With Technology Changes?

While Most Companies Stay Updated With Technology Changes, But Not All Do

When you think of a larger enterprise company, for example, a publicly traded company, do you think they are staying current on their technology? Absolutely, it is required in order to keep their organization secure.

Staying updated with technology changes brings many different benefits to an organization. Not staying updated with technology changes also brings many different risks that will cost your organization in the long run.

You can stay updated with your technology too! Adequate software, and adequate hardware all have to eventually go. Make a plan to eliminate it and budget for it in the upcoming fiscal year.

Benefits of Staying Updated with Technology

There is a reason those enterprise companies stay current on their technology. Here are a few simple benefits to why it is important to stay up to date on your technology within your organization:

  1. Better performance 

  2. Faster and more powerful service 

  3. More efficient 

  4. Allows growth and scalability 

  5. Less down time – You will have less time trying to resolve problems when you stay up to date with the technology changes

  6. Newer hardware will be less likely to fail, newer software will be less likely to fail Although your old hardware and software may seem like they are running stable and working well, one day it will take a right turn and not run stable anymore. This will cost your organization time and money and you cannot afford the downtime.

  7. Improved security – When things were written 10 and 15 years ago we were not thinking about security then. Today it is on the forefront and more important than ever. The software that is built today, takes security into account from the get go. That legacy software you are running, if it even has security, may have had security bolted on after the fact in all likelihood or it is non existent.

Lack Of Expertise In Not Staying Updated with Technology

Beware of any software, hardware, or infrastructure that has that one power user internally. For example, that one person who knows everything about the software. What happens when they are sick, on vacation, or gone? Then you have a problem that could be unresolvable.

How does the lack of knowledge scale? If you want to grow your organization, if you want to do better, if you want to get bigger, how is this lack of knowledge going to scale in that environment?

Do you have a backup plan if there is an unresolvable issue on this technology? If so, what is it?

Stay Updated With Your Technology!

You have to stay updated, you have to stay current and you have to do these things in order to scale, maximize efficiency, minimize risk, and eliminate downtime.

In order for your business to succeed and grow it is important to stay updated with technology changes. Here at Need Computer Help we ensure our clients are staying on top of the latest technology changes so their business can run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Contact Us today to learn more information on staying updated on technology!

We understand that running an organization has many different expenses. That’s why we have built a Business Excessive Spending Calculator so that you can see exactly where your organization spending is going. If you want to go a step further, hit submit once you are done calculating and we may be able to help eliminate any hidden costs you may not know you have! Download your free calculator here.

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