Onboarding With a New MSP – 3 Ways

Are you thinking about switching your MSP? As you start onboarding with a new MSP there’s a few steps an MSP should take to ensure a smooth transition. 

When we start working with a new client we follow these steps, (We organize a kick off call and build a transition plan, we identify any gaps you may have and we build timelines with you and on your schedule) to ensure you have an effortless and worry free transition.

First, As Your New MSP, We Organize a Kick Off Call and Build a Transition Plan 

During this phase as your new MSP, we set expectations with our main points of contact in the organization of what the transition will look like. We review the simple steps we will be doing with you. For example, if you are on Office 365 we are keeping you on Office 365. This is a fairly simple step.

We also review the more complex challenges with you. For example, we may be bringing you to a higher security level and making security stack changes. Another example would be migrating to cloud infrastructure from on premises infrastructure. This is a more challenging step than a straight migration. All of these are things are examples of things we would review in a kick off call. The goal of our kick off call is to make sure our clients have clear expectations as to what the transition will look like!

Next, As Your New MSP, We Identify Any Gaps 

An example of this would be an implementation of POP email to Microsoft 365. During this process we identify any gaps with how the client was accessing POP email. Some users may have been through a web browser and some may have been through outlook. We standardize that to where everyone is using outlook and then we migrate them into 365.

We work through any gaps with on premise versus cloud. For example, a company may have an on-premise dispatch software with an on-premise instance of QuickBooks and may be moving to a satch based dispatch software with QuickBooks, among other things. That would be multiple pieces moving that we would need to address and identify any gaps. .

Security changes would be another instance where we would need to identify gaps. An example of a security change gap is when we start working with a new organization, some clients may not have MFA. MFA is a standard for us and this would be a change of expectation for our clients. We would want to identify that as a gap. We want to ensure we have clear expectations and clear communication on any gaps we identify!

Finally, As Your New MSP, We Build Timelines With You 

Sometimes organizations do not always want to start their onboarding process right away. Sometimes they may want to hold off for a month or two for different reasons. It is our job as your new MSP, to keep track of when we will be starting.  We also need to keep track of when certain steps in the migration plan will be occurring. The day we start the process is not always the day we start the migration. For example, we could start the onboarding one day but the Office 365 project may not be started for another month.

We keep track of when all of those different steps will start. It is our job to know when we are fully onboarded and the date that we expect to be fully onboarded to being your new Managed Service Provider!

Last, Contact Us Today! 

As your new MSP provider, we will follow our onboarding steps completely and accurately to ensure a pleasant, stress free transition.  To transition to your new MSP provider contact us today!!

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