Looking From the Outside In – 2 Takeaways to Running a Successful Service Business

Is what you see while working in your service business looking outwards, the same as what your customer sees coming into your business looking inward?

More than likely it is a different experience. A great way to experience what your customer is experiencing is to be the customer for a day!

Let’s talk about looking from the outside in!

A great example of this concept is a restaurant. When you are a cook, server, hostess or manager in a restaurant you are seeing your place of work from the kitchen out. When you are a customer going in to dine at a restaurant you are seeing it from the parking lot in.

Look at the parking lot, look at the details from the outside in, experience what it is like to be seated and served by the staff. It will be a totally different experience than what you see working from within and looking outwards.

Today, We Will Share Some Key Takeaways From the Experience We Have Had of Running Our Service Business and Looking From the Outside In!

We want to ensure our customers experience the best possible service we can offer them.

The First Takeaway to Running a Service Business is – Looking From the Outside In is: Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes

What is your customer experiencing as they encounter a product, service, challenge or need? What are you doing to help them experience the best possible service they can receive? Is your customer happy with the quality of service they are receiving? Is there any ways you can improve the service you are giving to your customers?

An example of this is when you take your car to the shop. Which ever level of service they offer you, are you happy with it? Were your needs met?

Taking your car in the shop is very similar to a computer issue being resolved versus an alternator being replaced in a car. Was it an issue that was resolved timely? Did they follow up throughout the process? Was an estimate given? Was it fixed when they said it would be fixed? Were there any issues with it after being resolved? Did they find anything else wrong with it in the process? If so, did they communicate this or ignore it?

The examples we have used with the restaurant and the auto shop are great analogies for any different type of industry.

The Second Takeaway to Running a Service Business – Looking from the Outside In is: You Don’t Know What Your Customer Is Going Through Today

Let’s say your customer calls in with a problem, what else might they have going on that day? Is their boss yelling at them? Did they get written up yesterday? Did they have an argument with their spouse this morning? Is their kid home sick? Did they find out bad news? The problem they have going on may be the last straw for them.

What experience are you giving them in any situation they may be in? You really don’t know what is going on with your customers, in whatever industry you may work in. It is important to treat your customers as you would want to be treated and to give them the best service experience you can give them!

Here at Need Computer Help we Have Had Numbers of Years of Experience Running a Service Business and Looking From the Outside In!

We care about our customers and do our best to ensure we are putting ourselves in their shoes and being considerate to their feelings. If you have any questions on Running a Service Business – Looking From The Outside In, please let us know!

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